Back to Normal (ish)

As some of you know, our life hit a major bump in September when Dave was diagnosed with throat cancer.  It was a long haul with chemo, radiation, a time in the hospital, and a second surgery in July.  We dealt with problems and stresses we’d rather forget, but also found strengths we didn’t know we had and gained a new appreciation for the meaning of friendship.  We feel grateful to have such wonderful friends and family. We’re not quite back to normal, but things are looking up.

On May 10, I lost my 12 year old Great Dane, Maggie, to old age.  It wasn’t the time to think about a new puppy. Our life was still in flux and I was still missing Maggie.


Finally, it was time! Welcome to Great Dane number 6 (over 40 years), Elsa, a 3 month old pup. Life is better when you have a new puppy to play with 🙂 It’s good to be able to focus on the frivolous and the fun again.  Life seems normal (ish) again.  Hello to Baby Elsa #2.


Baby Elsa #1 is 12 years old and still here, although she’s grown a bit.









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