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The wheels of the bus go round and round…

The drum carders go round and round. The motorized Patrick Greene Supercard is my work horse. It has a fine cloth and fiber comes out blended and ready to spin in one pass. I have two manual Louet drum carders … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

Yes, it snows in the south! Sometimes a lot. We only got around 5″ this time, but that was plenty for me.  It was pretty for awhile. But also pretty cold. Even the sky looked cold. It was nice to … Continue reading

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Huron – the ewe side

Any one that knows me knows that I place a huge (really huge) emphasis on my ewe flock. I want to see good ewe horns in the background of all my rams as well as good mothering skills and hardiness.. … Continue reading

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Huron – rams part 2

I left out a few of the rams in Huron’s background that spent time at Patchwork Kreutzer Farms AbeAbe was a shared ram with Perfect Spot. He was our first Kreutzer Farms ram – a handsome lilac boy. He added … Continue reading

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RavenRidge Huron has been a flock sire here 2019. He was bred by Barbara Sanders in South Carolina, who purchased her original Jacob Sheep from Patchwork. Every ancestor goes back to those original purchases. It was Barbara’s selection of breeding … Continue reading

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It’s been awhile

Much has happened since last I posted including lots of lambs, new sheep, fiber projects, and life happenings 2021 brought some lovely lambs. Patchwork Jovie is a favorite Meridian Gold Rush arrived here in October from Robin Lynde’s Meridian Farm … Continue reading

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What’s in a name..

It often works out that we breed in groups, with one group due a few weeks before the next group.  In some ways, this works well. But it sure can make a small flock lambing season seem to go on forever. … Continue reading

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Shelter in place..

Today I looked at my chalk board grocery list and decided there was nothing on the list I needed enough for a run to town. I’m not out of anything and I don’t want to go to town. It was … Continue reading

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Those pesky horns

Trimming horns is a question that comes up with talking about Jacob Sheep. Often the question focuses on ewe laterals which can spend a few months going any which way. Should I trim? How should I trim? Where should I … Continue reading

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As things slowly settle back to normal, I was looking forward to a return to blogging.  Ideas abounded! Enthusiasm raged! I was ready to write. Except…I forgot my password during my almost a year off.  I have two WordPress accounts … Continue reading

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