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Spring Approaches…

Although freezing temps are still in the forecast, the signs of spring approach. One of the (few) advantages to forgetting where you planted things is the fun of being surprised when a crocus suddenly appears. The wake-robin is the first … Continue reading

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Sheepish/Like a Sheep

I’m going through some old blog drafts that I never got around to publishing. This one was from 2016. The lambs aren’t lambs anymore and most have lambs of their own now. But the sentiment still holds. Sheepish – resembling … Continue reading

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I don’t think of myself as a “stuff” person or a shopping person. We have a small house and used to live on an even smaller boat. I don’t really like to shop. I do like fiber stuff. My newest … Continue reading

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Those pesky horns

Trimming horns is a question that comes up with talking about Jacob Sheep. Often the question focuses on ewe laterals which can spend a few months going any which way. Should I trim? How should I trim? Where should I … Continue reading

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That Was The Year That Was

with a nod to Tom Lehrer and his album of the same name. The 2017 fall breeding season found us dealing with some follow up surgery for Dave, so we opted for a reduced breeding season. As we catch up … Continue reading

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As things slowly settle back to normal, I was looking forward to a return to blogging.  Ideas abounded! Enthusiasm raged! I was ready to write. Except…I forgot my password during my almost a year off.  I have two WordPress accounts … Continue reading

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Watch out for the teeth!

While it’s true that sometimes an overly enthusiastic (make that greedy) ewe will clamp onto my finger while grabbing treats, sheep teeth are nothing in comparison to hackle teeth. These things are sharp! Despite the danger, the hackle that Dave … Continue reading

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Time Flies

It seems like just yesterday I put the breeding groups together, but it’s time to start thinking about lambing already! Lambing will begin in April. We bred 14 ewes this year to 3 rams. Patchwork Finbar had six ewes – … Continue reading

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Just some random photos

I really do plan to catch up on blogging. The ewes and rams are together and lambs will be arriving in April. I’ll post some breeding groups photos soon. For now – just a few photos from blog post drafts … Continue reading

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Back to Normal (ish)

As some of you know, our life hit a major bump in September when Dave was diagnosed with throat cancer.  It was a long haul with chemo, radiation, a time in the hospital, and a second surgery in July.  We … Continue reading

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