In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

was a fitting description of the first day of March where a trip to Asheville included some serious wind gusts on the way over the mountain.

Unzicker Emily ended the month of February with “out like a lamb” – well, out like two lambs

Welcome to the first Patchwork Finbar lambs..
Patchwork Dublin (2 horned ewe) has her sire’s icy blue eyes


Her twin, Patchwork Darby, is a four horned ewe with soft blue grey eyes


Tickle’s twins – the first lambs by Wiggle Hill Jubal – arrived on March 6. I started the year with a naming theme of towns in the state where the dam was born. I used the theme before and it was fun. But it’s more fun to just let the names happen.  There are no towns in Georgia named Jubilee or Heinlein 🙂

Patchwork Jubilee is a four horned lilac ewe


Jubilee’s twin brother is a two horned lightly marked lilac. His blue eyes don’t show up in this flash photo. We have lots of blue eyed lambs this year!


Cold Valley Loretta’s twins by Patchwork Finbar were out like lions! These two were in a hurry to be born and they hit the ground bouncing. Patchwork China – lilac 4 horned ram with Finbar’s icy blue eyes on the left – and Patchwork Celeste – lilac 4 horned ewe also with Finbar’s blue eyes – on the right.
(Even though I’ve moved on from naming lambs after towns, it’s still fun to browse town names. Wisconsin is fascinating in using the same town name as many as five times! )


Patchwork Badger took a bit more time than Loretta, but did a great job with Wiggle Hill Jericho’s first lamb. Patchwork Nesos – a striking two horned boy.


As we await only the second winter weather in an otherwise record breaking warm winter, I wonder if we’ll see some lambs in the snow? Tune in next week  (or whenever).


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1 Response to In Like A Lion Out Like A Lamb

  1. sophy0075 says:

    Two or four horns, blue eyes or not, lilac or spotted brown – all your 2017 babies are adorable! And I bet that they will grow wonderful fleeces.

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