New new Sheep and new old Sheep

After cutting back the flock last fall, we moved into 2017 with 21 sheep – 11 bred ewes (Canoe Lake Jewel joined the bred ewe flock in November) , 3 rams, 2 yearling ewes, and 5 unbred ewes.

We are now at 27 sheep – 14 bred ewes, 3 rams, 2 yearling ewes, 5 unbred ewes, and 2 lambs!

It was bittersweet to add four older ewes from two flock dispersals in January. It is always sad to see respected breeders leave the world of Jacob Sheep breeding.  But I was fortunate to be able to add –

The New Old Sheep


Broken O Trudee is a 9 year old girl. Originally bred by Mickey Ramirez (Broken O)in Fort Collins, CO, she traveled to Jennifer and Brian Tucker (Moose Mtn.) in Bennett, CO as a lamb and came to Georgia in January 2017. As a bonus, Trudee was bred to Windy Acres MacCallum. Trudee is a big girl with a strong personality!


Broken O Dotted Eye traveled from CO with Trudee. She is a 12 year girl and is bred to a Moose Mtn. ram. She is a sweet girl. And the biggest Jacob ewe I’ve ever had!

Thank you to Alena and Jack Hixon (Dragonwool) for adding these two lovely old girls to your trailer.



I’ve been wanting this ewe for years and finally she is mine! Thank you to Kim Sutton (S-Squared) in Oklahoma for getting St. Jude’s Callie to Georgia. Callie is a 9 year old who was born in Texas. She is bred to Painted Rock Storm. She loves treats and scratches.


Because Callie would have been lonely on the trip to Georgia (and because what’s one more sheep?) 8 year old St. Jude’s Duchess made the trip with Callie. Duchess is bred to S-Squared Atticus. Duchess is a calm, but aloof girl. She’s easy to handle, but doesn’t seek out attention like Callie.

Because nothing is static in shepherding –

The New New Sheep

Right on schedule Broken O Trudee added the first of the 2017 new new sheep on February 11.


Moose Mtn. Frisco (ram) Broken O Trudee x Windy Acres MacCallum

And his twin sister..


Moose Mtn. Delta


Next up? Probably Unzicker Emily with Patchwork Finbar’s first lambs – stay tuned!




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  1. sophy0075 says:

    Welcome to Georgia, lovely sheep!

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