F, G, H, I

As our reduced lambing season comes to an end (barring surprises), we meet the next four in the alphabet soup of the 2023 lambing year

Springrock Mission spent lambing eve in a clean and nicely bedded barn, but a wind storm brought down a large branch next to the barn. It didn’t do any damage, but must have spooked the ewes as the gate was pushed open. Taking advantage of more options for lambing sites, Mission chose the compost pile. She had her work cut out for her!

Happily she is a diligent cleaner and her two ewe lambs by Meridian Gold Rush were soon sparkly clean.

I had expected there to be many choices for “woman with a mission” names. It turned out to be harder than I thought when restricted to F and G.

Meet Florence (Nightingale)

And (Germaine) Greer.

Gleann Ull Lyla lambed a couple of days later. It was the kind of lambing I like – “oh look, she has lambs.” Last year Lyla’s lambs got space names, Quasar and Ripley, just because I liked the names. This was getting harder and harder! Lyla means dark beauty, but that didn’t give me many choices if I was going to go with themes related to the dam’s name. So I stepped back a generation and went with Lyla’s dam, Rosemary, for inspiration.

Meet Heather

And Ivy


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