What A Cutie!

Back last summer I decided to back a kickstarter from DreamingRobots for a tiny little electric spinning wheel – the Nano 2. I hadn’t heard much in the way of great reviews for the Nano 1, but had followed the builder and was impressed with his ideas and customer service. So I splurged and spent the $100 for a future shipment. And then kind of forgot about it until I received the notice in late fall that my Nano 2 had shipped. I didn’t expect much other than a cute toy. It was a happy surprise to find that, not only is it cute, it’s a quite capable spinner. Coming in at barely 6″ long, it fits perfectly in the space next to my keyboard. Sometimes I spin while waiting for my slow internet to download files.

While dumping over some small water tubs, I found these cute salamanders. The stars are from the sun, not from a flash.

Spiders and toads may not usually be considered cute, but who doesn’t love a baby spider or a baby toad? They are in the works.

Excelsior thinks he’s cute.

Greer is truly cute. Greer was the smallest lamb this year at just a bit under 5 lbs. That’s not a particularly small Jacob lamb. She just looked tiny next to her 7 lb twin.


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