It’s a reduced lambing season for us this year, but we still have lambs! It’s just not spring without lambs.

RavenRidge Huron left in October for Sweetgrass Jacobs in Michigan. I couldn’t resist putting a couple of ewes with him before he left. And then Meridian Gold Rush was lonely, so he got a couple of early ewes, too.

Springrock Vienna left in January for Virginia and delivered the first of Huron’s early lambs for Faunspring.

Patchwork Future delivered the first born at Patchwork. Welcome to Patchwork Ambrose!

Last year, the first lamb of the year was named Atticus for no particular reason (okay, I admit it – I was watching Grey’s Anatomy and there is a character named Atticus). I just kept going with the alphabet. I tried to find names that related to the dam’s name or, at least, twin names that were related. Bingo and Checkers, Diva and Elton, etc.

Ambrose means immortal, so it kind of goes with Future. The choices were pretty slim.

Patchwork Paloma (a tequila drink) came next with twin ewes by Meridian Gold Rush. Bijou (right) and Cadillac (left). Both are names of cocktails. Bijou also means jewel and Cadillac is “something that is an outstanding example of its kind”.

Next up and last of the early ewes is AnnieRose.


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