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Snippet – and what color is lilac, anyway?

“a small piece of information or news, a small part of something” Snippet – the word of the day and the theme of this post. Because sometimes ….that’s the way it is. What color is lilac? Well, it’s not the … Continue reading

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Just The Facts

Sometimes finding the time or the creative impulse to sit down and write an interesting blog is not only difficult, it’s impossible. So prepare to be presented with just the facts… Since the last blog, we’ve had 9 more lambs … Continue reading

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If Wishes Were Horses…

I’d need alot more land and alot more money for all those horses.. Sometimes wishes are just wishes. I wished the first lambs would hold off until after last week’s sleet, rain, and freezing temperatures. I didn’t get any horses, … Continue reading

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Not Yet…

But soon…. We don’t yet have 2014 lambs to watch grow. But I’m enjoying watching the 2013 lambs become yearlings. Moose Mtn Reina and Patchwork Madeleine will be exciting additions to our lilac breeding ewes this fall. Southwind PopSecret (Pip) … Continue reading

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August Goes To Town..

No, we haven’t started our 2014 lambing. And I don’t really have any new news to report. So I’m going back and bringing up some old news from posts I started and never finished.  This episode took place in April … Continue reading

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Cold and Rainy Ramblings

It’s cold and rainy. I need to get registration pictures for my three ewe lambs, but it’s cold and rainy.  I had to replace the water tub for the ewes and that was enough extra time outside. I don’t like … Continue reading

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Why is the sky blue? How did the baby get in there?  Are we there yet? Why did you put that ram with those ewes? Today I’m just going to address one of those questions. The rest are up to … Continue reading

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