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I don’t think of myself as a “stuff” person or a shopping person. We have a small house and used to live on an even smaller boat. I don’t really like to shop. I do like fiber stuff. My newest … Continue reading

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That was the week that was…

My two favorite baby rams continue to develop well. I continue to bite my nails, shepherd them away from any fences or trees that might damage those promising horns, and threaten to wrap them in bubble wrap in padded stalls. … Continue reading

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Blue Birds and Green Beans

Summer just isn’t blogging season for me. Too much to do to sit for long. I have many thoughtful blogs started, but my thoughts ran out before they were finished. They await the return of my thought processes (maybe when … Continue reading

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Well, not much snow, but then, I don’t want much snow. Instead of the forecast sleet, we started the evening with snow. Snow beats sleet. It looks so pretty and the deck looks so clean. About 6 am this morning, … Continue reading

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When your sandwich has

a name.  We do eat our sheep. We couldn’t raise them if we didn’t and we like lamb/mutton, as well as knowing where our meat comes from. I’m not quite weird enough to mark the packages in my freezer with … Continue reading

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When they’re not good enough (a recipe)

Not all lambs are good enough to keep and breed and not all are fortunate enough to find a pet home.  We enjoy our home raised lamb/mutton and raise a few for the freezer every year. Here’s a recipe that … Continue reading

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