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The Issue of Horns (or a horny issue)

Because I haven’t blogged in forever and because someone asked me about ewe lamb laterals, I decided to answer via my blog. If you don’t care about laterals, you can stop at the sunflower. Everyone that raises 4 horned Jacob … Continue reading

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April Showers….

Bring … Mushrooms.. and mud… and mud creatures.. (I have to confess that I did move the salamander a few feet to pose him under the four leafed clover. The old fashioned way of setting up pictures, before Photoshop) and … Continue reading

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The Thing About Blogging…

is that when I find I have time to blog it’s because nothing is going on. When I do have something going on, I don’t have time to blog. Lambing started here on March 2 with twin rams from Sweetgrass … Continue reading

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Snow Day

A snow day in Georgia is about as rare as….a blog post from Patchwork Farm! Tempo has plenty of fresh water, but she prefers snow Loretta, a Wisconsin native, wonders about all the fuss over a little bit of snow … Continue reading

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Sharing, because…

I’ve always enjoyed Robin Lynde’s posts from Meridian Jacobs. Her current series of Close To Home blog posts is such a fascinating look at the journeys from farms to gallery. Sharing, because.. I love the stories of the farms, the … Continue reading

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Sightseeing From the Front Deck

One of the things that is included in the “Welcome to Medicare” visit to the doctor is depression screening.  This consists of answering an assortment of questions, one of which is — “Do you take time for vacations?” I had … Continue reading

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Even though I loaded my camera along with my sheep, this is the only picture I ended up taking during the AGM weekend. Loaded up and heading out. My old minivan morphs well into a sheep hauler. I think the … Continue reading

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Girls Just Want To Have Fun

“When the working day is done Girls – they want to have fun” Even though a working LGD’s (livestock guardian dog) working day is never done, girls still want to have fun. Sadie loves playing with sticks. I was going … Continue reading

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2 + 2 = 4

2 horns on the left +  2 horns on the right = 4 horns As Captain, Hektor, and Pilsner are happy to demonstrate. Except when 2 + 2 =2 Belton is an evenly fused four horned ram. He looked like … Continue reading

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Pasture Walk..

Okay – not really an actual pasture. It’s a small fenced piece next to the barn lot. It’s hilly and a pain to mow. I’d rather put up fence than drag a lawn mower. I love this little salad bar … Continue reading

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