The Colors

Spring flowers are mostly yellow. Fall flowers are mostly purple. Summer flowers are mostly white. And since summer is mostly hot, today’s lazy hike was the ultimate lazy – up the driveway in the car to get the mail.

The Queen Anne’s Lace are thick along the drive. They look white from afar, but a close up shows hints of pink. They often have a red flower in the very center.

The elderberries are like weeds along the driveway.

In the fall, the asters are a bright purple.
In the summer, they are lazy and just put forth a hint of color

The bees’ favorite – clover

The nettle has a pretty flower, but there is a reason they call it stinging nettle!
It will make you itch!!

Bingo’s favorite white flower is a radish flower.

The garden flowers have more colors, but I still love the wild white flowers that line my driveway.


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