Ram Lambs

It was definitely a ram year here at Patchwork Farm. We’re not complaining – we got some good ones. And some lovely fiber pets that have found homes.

The following are what I consider breeding quality rams with quality horns, fleece, bloodlines, and build. They are available. Limited delivery to the JSBA AGM in Marshall, NC August 5-7 or pickup in Tiger, Georgia. Will consider trade for a lilac ram unrelated to my lilacs. Four horned prefered.

Listed in alphabetical order – which also happens to be age order as that’s the way I named them this year. All photos taken June 15. All parents are JSBA registered.

Patchwork Bingo (DOB 3/10) is one of the two two horned lambs we had born this year. He has a good horn sweep, nice fleece, and is a stockier boy and a lilac carrier. RavenRidge Huron x Patchwork AnnieRose.
Patchwork Elton is in the back.

Patchwork Elton (DOB 3/10) is a lilac ram lamb with a very promising hornset. He has a fleece with tinier crimps. Very soft. RavenRidge Huron x Patchwork Paloma. His twin sister in the back will remain in our flock.

Patchwork Mister (DOB 3/28) is a leggy, tall, boy with upright top horns and wideswept laterals. Meridian Gold Rush (a California import) x Patchwork Jazz

Patchwork Nother (DOB 3/28 – twin to Mister) carries the same great hornset and is just a bit taller and leggier. Meridian Gold Rush x Patchwork Jazz

Patchwork Owen (DOB 3/30) is a smaller boy from a small first time lamber. He is a lilac carrier. This guy had my favorite birth fleece and it’s still looking good. Meridian Gold Rush x Patchwork Weasel.

Patchwork Quasar (DOB 4/2), a lilac, definitely has my favorite laterals. His twin sister is staying at Patchwork. Meridian Gold Rush x Gleann Ull Lyla.

Patchwork Seeker (DOB 4/7) was the last lamb born. He doesn’t have the super flat profile that I prefer, but is promising and sports a lovely fleece and ideal Jacob markings. Meridian Gold Rush x Springrock Mission

And a random fleece shot. Our fleeces are fairly uniform this year. Individual photos and fleece samples available upon request.

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