Bits and Pieces – a little bit about not much at all

I was working on a post with updated lamb photos. My lambs seem to have no interest in posing this year. I jump up and down (well as much as an old lady with a crap knee can jump up and down), wave my arms, make weird noises and the lambs just give me a glance and go back to what they were doing. No respect! Diva (RavenRidge Huron x Patchwork Paloma) sends a raspberry – cheeky girl!

So just a few random photos. I do have a decent DSLR camera, but I love my pocket camera. Because – it fits in my pocket. My trusty Panasonic Lumix died after three years and I picked up a Sony HX80 (used on eBay). I have to say I liked the Lumix better, but the price on that one jumped up and I’m happy enough with the Sony. Photography is often more about an exercise in seeing than in making photographs.

This definitely isn’t a birder’s camera (although the 30x zoom is nice), but I like to watch the birds and it’s fun to grab a shoot when I can.

Not a calendar shot, but a memory of the evening when a Barred Owl watched me while I was on our deck.

I love the sounds of the Mourning Doves.

There is lots to see coming down our driveway. Including the broken mirror casing on my Jeep. 5,000 times backing down to the barn and all went well – except that one time.

I don’t know what this is on the wild grape vines I was pulling off the fence today, but it sure is pretty

Dave is doing well and was busy building a tooth bar for his tractor. One day at a time.

Patchwork Mister (Meridian Gold Rush x Patchwork Jazz) wasn’t into posing, but he did pose long enough to show off a pretty blue eye, excellent horns, a very dirty face

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