The Not Sheep..

All of the Patchwork Farms working animals are not sheep…

Oscar works to protect the flock. He loves his sheep and sleeps with them at night when he’s not chasing off threats to his flock. Oscar is a mix of different LGD breeds. He’s mellow like a Pyr but he can jump like a Komondor and he can fight like a demon when his sheep are being attacked.

Charles is the barn cat. He’s also the sweetest cat ever. He’s been living with livestock since he was a kitten. He’s in his teens now. He keeps the barn free of varmits.

Charles also patrols the fence line with Oscar.

Ginger protects the sheep here at the house. She’s a tall mini donkey. When we first got her, she ran some coyotes off and they have never been back. She’s a sweet girl that loves people and sheep (but not dogs). Doesn’t she have cute bangs?

I call all our black rat snakes Malcolm so this may not the same Big Malcolm that we’ve been seeing for years, but I think it might be. Malcolm works to control rodents and copperheads. I love Malcolm! He/she doesn’t seem to care much for me, though, and I respect his/her privacy.

Elsa’s special talent is finding really gross things and eating them.

And being my buddy and making me smile 🙂

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