It’s been a busy and hectic month. One day it was the end of March and the next day it was the end of April. Lambing is over. It was a good lambing season with a promising crop of eighteen lambs.
You can see the lambs at http://www.patchworkfibers.com/newlambs.html

It was a nice day to just wander the woods around the house and look at flowers. So many colors!

The lady slippers were rescued from a logging operation a few years ago. This is the first year there have been three blooms – all in a row.

The dwarf iris is from a week ago. They are all gone by now, but I love them while they last.

Our back yard abounds with sweet shrub.

And wild azaleas

Most of our trilliums are fairly pale, but I found a small patch of these darker ones.

I’m not sure what this fungus is – some sort of jelly fungus, I think. It sure is pretty!

And just the perfect color…. the lovely Patchwork Ripley. Notice the perfect heart shape on her knee?

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