A sign of relief..

I’ve been holding off posting until I could post a story with a happy outcome. On February 26 I went to the barn first thing in the morning and found Jazz comatose. Literally comatose. Alive, but completely unresponsive. Dave and I were able to half drag/half carry her into the barn. Luckily she was just outside, but it was no easy chore.

She was quickly treated with oral cmpk and propylene glycol (she was able to swallow – always check that before administering oral fluids to a downed sheep). I seldom call the vet, but I sent an immediate text to my vet and received the standard “we aren’t open on Saturday” reply. My vet is great and I did get get a reply later that day, but the crisis was averted by then.

I turned to my friend, Marie, from Spot Hollow Farm, for thoughts. Marie worked at the Cornell University sheep farm. Those commercial sheep have problems we don’t see often in Jacobs and Marie has probably seen about everything. Her first question was “are her ears cold?” They were, but I had also taken her temp so I knew her body temp was a little low – one of the symptoms of milk fever (which isn’t a fever at all).

As things happen, I had recently gone through my sheep meds and tossed a very, very old bottle of injectable calcium. Because I’d never needed it. And now I needed it!!! I called the local feed store who said they only had the gel. I knew I’d seen it on the shelf, so drove to town and picked it up – right on the shelf where I’d remembered seeing it.

Jazz was alert within a few hours and up eating by that afternoon.

Then we began the nail biting one month wait until lambs were due. Jazz was supplemented with Tums during the time. She would readily eat a Tums tucked in a handful of grain and it was a lot less stressful than grabbing her to drench her. That CMPK drench tastes awful!!! Don’t ask me how I know.

Welcome boys! Big twin four horned rams for Patchwork Jazz and Meridian Gold Rush. Most of my lambs run around 5 or 6 pounds. These boys were 8.5 and 8.7 lbs.

I don’t name sheep after people, but this first one will be called Mister for M.R. who was there for his mother and his mother’s shepherd.

The second big boy is named Nother.

Good job, Jazz!!

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2 Responses to A sign of relief..

  1. maryfranklin535 says:

    Thanks for the happy outcome.


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  2. Robin says:

    Nice looking lambs!

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