Round One

We had expected a two stage lambing season as one ram got his ewes a month before the second ram got his.  In the years that we have put the ewes in with the rams in September, they most often breed in October. It seems to be the sweet spot for our seasonal breeding flock. Except for Darby… who lambed two weeks before the rest of Huron’s girls. 

March 10 was a good day

Patchwork AnnieRose delivered twin rams by RavenRidge Huron
Two horned Bingo – I love leg markings!

And four horned Checkers

Patchwork Paloma delivered the first ewe of the year (yay) sired by Huron.
Diva – a four horned lilac ewe. She and her twin were big lambs and her ear got squished. It is back to normal carriage now, but the little droopy ear was kind of cute.


Her twin brother, Elton, is a two horned lilac ram


Patchwork Lisha waited until the unusual high winds and temperatures in the teens had passed to deliver her four horned Huron daughter, Freya, in the sunshine. 
18 degrees to 60 degrees in one day. She was wise to wait!

Painted Rock Winsley is a first time mother as a three year old. We didn’t breed all the ewes in 2020 and she was in the group that wasn’t bred. She did herself proud by delivering, cleaning, and nursing her twins while I slept through the night! 

Harvest (on the left) is a four horned ewe. Gather (on the right) is a four horned ram.
gather and harvest

Round two and round one aren’t going to have much of a break. Gold Rush lambs are due next week and Sashay is hoarding her Huron lambs.


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