The wheels of the bus go round and round…

Okay, no bus, but lots of wheels going round and round go into yarn production here at Patchwork Fibers.

The drum carders go round and round.

The motorized Patrick Greene Supercard is my work horse. It has a fine cloth and fiber comes out blended and ready to spin in one pass. I have two manual Louet drum carders with coarser cloth (72 and 47). The coarser cloth doesn’t do as complete a blending as the SC, but that is often what I want.
I will often use two of the carders in rotation. The Louets work well for opening up locks and doing a first pass and then the PG does the job of blending. If I don’t want a complete blend, I will start with the PG and then run the different colors through one of the Louets.

The fiber starts out as washed locks. This is fleece from one of my rams, RavenRidge Huron. He is a lilac.
I often use a Patrick Greene Triple Picker to open locks,
but it goes back and forth, not round and round.

When the batts come off the carder, they are rolled round and round.

The wheel goes round and round. I have three spinning wheels. This is the prettiest and the one with personality. It is a Canadian Production wheel made by A. Vezina and is somewhere around 100 years old. It’s a fast! wheel. Perfect for spinning lace and fingering weight yarn.

Some of the wheels that go round and round aren’t quite so pretty. In fact they are downright stinky! But no less important. We have a mud farm.

Everything that is round doesn’t go round and round. AnnieRose is just round.

I’ve been playing with WordPress’s pattern options. Can’t quite get everything lined up the way I want, but I don’t feel like starting over.

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