Snow Day!

Yes, it snows in the south! Sometimes a lot. We only got around 5″ this time, but that was plenty for me. 

It was pretty for awhile.


But also pretty cold. Even the sky looked cold.


It was nice to warm up by my kitchen wood heater. The main wood heater is downstairs. It heats the whole house, but sometimes a little extra fire is nice.


The sheep mostly spent the day in the barn. No pictures of sheep today. They were looking a bit bedraggled.  The sheep water is gravity fed from the creek(easy to do on the side of a mountain) and runs freely. They still like to eat snow, though.

Oscar was on duty in the snow watching his girls. He’s not a house dog!


I was running low on the pine that I like to use to get my kitchen heater going. Now I have lots of pine! A little less fence line, but lots of pine.

I’m ready for spring!P1070323

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