Sheepish/Like a Sheep

I’m going through some old blog drafts that I never got around to publishing. This one was from 2016. The lambs aren’t lambs anymore and most have lambs of their own now. But the sentiment still holds.

Sheepish – resembling a sheep in meekness, stupidity, or timidity

Like a Sheep – If a group of people are (like) sheep, they all behave in the same way or all behave as they are told, and cannot or will not act independently.

There are days when I sorely wish my Jacob Sheep would all behave as they are told or even that they would all act in the same way.  Or even show some meekness.

Lamb personalities show up quickly.

Brio is standoffish.

Domino is one that comes up to chew on my jeans.

Scooter is calm. His twin is goofy.

Bellamy and Marloe aren’t twins, but you’d think they were as they are always together. Marloe’s dam, Badger, doesn’t like any other ewes around her lambs, but she tolerates Bellamy’s dam. I had to move Pip and her lamb out of the baby lamb paddock. Dolan would go to play with Bellamy and Marloe. Badger thought that was fine, but she refused to let Pip get near the lambs.

Cleo has a “look at me” attitude!

Minute is independent. Her dam is a nervous Mom – always screaming “where are you?” Minute says “I’ll be there in a minute”.

My sheep just don’t seem to be very “sheepish”

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