I don’t think of myself as a “stuff” person or a shopping person. We have a small house and used to live on an even smaller boat. I don’t really like to shop.

I do like fiber stuff. My newest fiber acquisition is a Canadian Production Wheel. It’s an A.E. Vezina wheel made somewhere between mid 1880s to early 1990s. After losing out on a couple of CPWs, I happened across this one just 25 miles from home. A little polishing and cleaning and I’m doing a happy dance. I like stuff like this! This is definitely a production wheel for finer yarns – smooth and fast. It’s helping to replenish my stash of hand spun sock yarns.

And I like books. I got some cool books for Christmas. This is my favorite. 111″ of rain in 2018 made it a great year to get interested in mushrooms. We’ve got mud, mold, and mushrooms in abundance in 2018.

And I like beautifully handcrafted works like this silk eco printed scarf created and gifted to me by the very talented Debbie Carnes of Tuckasegee, NC (and Cove Fields Jacob Sheep),

And I like this oddly mesmerizing, strange, and weird painting which I couldn’t resist for $2. Okay, I do like thrift store shopping. You never know when a treasure like this may turn up.

And while I find it surprising that a vacuum cleaner makes it to a list of stuff I like, my Ryobi 18V shop vac makes the list. It makes clean up in my tiny fiber studio so much easier without the cord. And when the studio is clean, I can find more room for “stuff”.

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