That Was The Year That Was

with a nod to Tom Lehrer and his album of the same name.

The 2017 fall breeding season found us dealing with some follow up surgery for Dave, so we opted for a reduced breeding season. As we catch up with neglected farm chores, we decided on another reduced breeding for 2018.
But I had to have some lambs!

Patchwork Jazz started the year in 2018 with twin ewes by Wiggle Hill Jericho. Moonbeam is standing tall at just a few hours old.

2018 sent Rabun County a lot of rain (110″ at the station near our place) so “mud, mold, and mushrooms” was a theme for the year. Our shearer, Al Potter and his wife, Deb, sent us this award 10″ too soon!

It was a good year to get interested in mushrooms because we sure had alot! It’s fun learning the different mushrooms – some for eating (with firm id!), some for dyeing, and some just because Elsa and I enjoy our mushroom walks.

See ya’ later, alligator

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