As things slowly settle back to normal, I was looking forward to a return to blogging.  Ideas abounded! Enthusiasm raged! I was ready to write.

Except…I forgot my password during my almost a year off.  I have two WordPress accounts – this one and the shop. Every computer search for the password turned up the other password (which I have). Attempts to reset my password failed. My enthusiasm for a newsy blog entry began to be replaced by a frantic hair pulling search for my password. My good humor waned.

At last! Success! and I’m back to the world of blogging. If I can just remember my password tomorrow.

Elsa says hi. See you soon!

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2 Responses to @#!!%

  1. I hear ya! I love your blog posts.

  2. Robin says:

    I’ll look forward to seeing your blog posts. I am doing a new format on my new website and that has me pulling my hair out trying to figure out the formatting. And then I also don’t want to lose the then years of blog posts from before. Working on it.,

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