Watch out for the teeth!

While it’s true that sometimes an overly enthusiastic (make that greedy) ewe will clamp onto my finger while grabbing treats, sheep teeth are nothing in comparison to hackle teeth.


These things are sharp! Despite the danger, the hackle that Dave built me is today’s favorite fiber tool. This is a one row blending hackle. Its usual use is to blend prepared fiber.  But I’m not working with prepared fiber this week. I’m attacking a basket of “leftover” fiber – fiber that needs work before going through the drum carder and I’m too lazy to do the work. This is fiber with cotted tips or more VM that will come out with easy picking or hand teasing.

Going against convention, the fiber was lashed onto the hackle by grabbing a handful of fiber and lashing on willy-nilly rather than carefully laying in locks.  By lashing on just a few fibers at a time, the fiber is straightened, the tips are opened, and most of the VM falls out.

After lashing on, the fiber is removed with a diz. This diz came with my Patrick Green Supercard and is called a “roving guide”. It’s really just a diz, but it’s a nice diz.


Because the fiber wasn’t perfectly prepared, the roving has some bumps and lumps.


I like the yarn pretty well for salvage yarn.



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1 Response to Watch out for the teeth!

  1. sophy0075 says:

    I think your top and yarn are pretty.

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