Back Again

It’s easy to post a sentence or two and a photo on Facebook. I’ve neglected my blog which I enjoy more. So I’m back to blogging. HI!!!

Plans for fall breeding didn’t go as planned. Health issues took the front seat in our lives in September and continue to be our main focus. We decided to not bring any sheep from the other barn home to the rams and just breed 10 ewes. Because sheep are still a big part of our focus. And a source of relaxation and stress relief for me (usually).

As usual, plans didn’t go quite as planned and our 10 bred ewes jumped to 15. More on that in the next post.

Today was just a nice day to take my $10 thrift store camera out when I was feeding and take a few pictures. The ewes are starting to show the promise of lambs to come!



Patchwork Tickle had twins her first time lambing . She’s not due until March 10. I think she’s going to continue her twinning tradition. With her marbled blue eyes and Wiggle Hill Jubal’s blue eye (and one marbled eye), I think we’ll have some blue eyes.
Lilac ewe bred to a lilac carrier ram.


Patchwork Finbar (in the front) photo bombs the photo of Jubal. Finbar is a serious ham.


Moose Mtn. Reina is due 3/13. She’s looking a little saggy :).
Reina is a lilac and is bred to Patchwork Cowboy, a lilac carrier. Cowboy left Patchwork in November to spend time at The Cove Fields in NC before heading to Havencroft in Arkansas in January.


Southwind Indigo came to us from New York in October, bred to Ballard Escapade. I’m not sure of her due date – probably mid March – but am confident she’s got some lambs in there. Surprises are fun and common when raising sheep. She’ll know when it’s time even if I don’t.


Old dog, Maggie, isn’t expecting anything but supper, some hugs, and a warm bed! She is 11 1/2 (old for a Great Dane) and has had a bit of rough time this year with her hips. She wiggles a little when she walks, but still makes the trip with me every evening to feed sheep.



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1 Response to Back Again

  1. sophy0075 says:

    Thanks for posting. I’m looking forward to learning the latest on the “lamb front”. Personally, I’m hoping for lots of lilac!

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