Patchwork Badger and Patchwork Elsa are my eleven year old daughters of Jacquee’s Junco.


Badger and Elsa were such cute lambs!


Both were bred to Kenleigh’s Casanova last fall for 2016 lambs. I staggered putting the ewes in. Elsa went in 2 weeks before Badger.  But, still..they are sisters…

March 22 morning..
Elsa’s birthing was one the easiest I’ve ever seen. I could see her out the window. Lay down, put nose in air, push, have a lamb. Easy peasy and welcome to Ellie


Badger took a bit longer and required a minor intervention. But all ended well.  Hi Marloe!


The sisters and their sister lambs.


Elsa had a bit of a tussle during a time away and manged to break both laterals in a hay feeder. I take the blame for the one broken top.  Note the solid cores that are still apparent.


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2 Responses to Sisters!

  1. sophy0075 says:

    I’m glad all went well.Will the horns grow back?

    • Elsa is 11 years old. You can see that there is some regrowth, but at her age you won’t see much. She does show a bit of strong horn regrowth, but they don’t grow much after 4 or 5 years. A ewe lamb that breaks a horn will grow them back (if they are true horns)

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