Lambs – 6, 7, 9, 10, 11

Things don’t always go just perfectly.


Lambs 6 & 7 were birthed easily and quickly on March 11. The first Spot Hollow Ace lambs look good!

Patchwork Scooter – 4 horned ram

He’s a blue eyed boy with a great fleece


His twin brother, Polka (dots) is another four horned blue eyed boy


Lamb 8’s picture won’t be shared.  St. Jude’s Sissy had the “look” on March 10. After a bit she wandered off to be alone.  Labor started but there was no water bag. This is often an indication of a breech birth (although there are other worse case scenarios). Sissy is a friendly ewe who doesn’t mind me being around her. I was able to do a quick exam while she was laying down. Definitely not feet first as would be the optimal delivery.  I went to get gloves and hollered at Dave to be around in case I needed him. By the time I got back (2 minutes), the delivery was in process. Sissy delivered on her own.  Lambing keeps me humble and reminds me that I haven’t seen everything even after 23 years.  The sac was so thick and opaque that I wasn’t really sure there was a lamb in there until I opened it. Sissy, great mother that she is, was working hard to clean and revive her baby.  From the looks, the lamb died before labor started. Baby 9 probably instigated labor.
Happily, she delivered baby 9 shortly after.
Meet Patchwork Sterling – St. Jude’s Sissy x Kenleigh’s Casanova.

I didn’t have breeding date for Sweetgrass Gavotte. She’s been huge forever!  Early morning check on 3/12 found her with two cleaned, up and nursing lambs sired by Spot Hollow Ace.



Patchwork Minstrel  – 4 horned ram


Patchwork Allegra – 4 horned ewe.


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