April Showers….

Bring …


and mud…


and mud creatures..



(I have to confess that I did move the salamander a few feet to pose him under the four leafed clover. The old fashioned way of setting up pictures, before Photoshop)

and mothers..


In preparation for next week’s shearing, I discovered that Momma Wren had chosen to build a nest in a basket of fleece sitting on my work table.


A cardboard box on top of the basket gave her a narrow entrance into her cave. I moved the box to get a picture of the eggs. It has been replaced. Wrens are pretty tolerant of humans if you don’t get too close. I’ll be using a different table in the fleece room for a while!  It’s good luck to have a wren nest in your house.

A four leafed clover and nest of wren eggs! What a great year!
And … maybe, with some luck … there will be May flowers.


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3 Responses to April Showers….

  1. Is that a baby snapping turtle? Or is it a mud turtle? Shell looks like a snapper – or those poor tiny ones they used to sell at the 5 and dime. Cute at that size whatever kind it is. As it is presently raining buckets here, looks like the mud will continue.

  2. A wonderful post, Linda!

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