The Thing About Blogging…

is that when I find I have time to blog it’s because nothing is going on. When I do have something going on, I don’t have time to blog.

Lambing started here on March 2 with twin rams from Sweetgrass Gavotte and Kenleigh’s Casanova


Ten days later, the lamb count is up to ten lambs from six ewes with six more ewes left to lamb.

Lambs are posted on our website LAMB PAGE as they are born.

Soon there will be time and news all at once and I’ll be back with a chatty blog post.

But for now…


I’m outside watching the lambs play.


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4 Responses to The Thing About Blogging…

  1. Lisa Douglas says:

    Linda, the lambs are lovely indeed. Thanks for posting the photos. We are 9 days into lambing season with 3 mothers and 6 lambs. 5 of them ram lambs. I read in a natural sheep care book that rams are more likely if the pastures are rich in legumes. Do you have any experience or comment to share about this? We are usually heavy on rams in the front end of the season and the last two weeks our ewe lamb count catches up. Are temperatures at breeding time affecting the male/female ratios?

    • Thank you, Lisa. There is nothing quite like a bunch of leaping spotted lambs! I haven’t heard that about the legumes. I’ve heard that ram lambs will produce more ram lambs as they tend to breed the ewes more often than older rams. And that cider vinegar in the water will give you more ewe lambs. I haven’t really seen any correlation with either. Over the years, it tends to balance out although some years are heavy one way or the other. It would be interesting to have someone do a study.

  2. Cheryl says:

    do you allow visitors to come see the lambs and take photos???

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