24/7 A Working Dog’s Day

I’ve always loved working dogs – bird dogs, coon dogs, herding dogs, tracking dogs.. it’s so amazing to see a dog doing a job he loves and was born to do. It’s exciting.

A livestock guardian dog is a working dog of a different sort. Most days aren’t very exciting. The best days are spent just hanging out with the flock. IMG_9673

Visiting with friends




Making sure that stray dogs and coyotes know that protection is 24/7


A livestock guardian dog works 24/7 for too short a time..


Goodbye Sam,  my friend and a true working dog.
Sometime in 2002 – May 23, 2014


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5 Responses to 24/7 A Working Dog’s Day

  1. Laura Walters says:

    My thoughts are with you. A good dog is one of life’s most wonderful gifts and it sounds like you cherished yours.

  2. Maryellen Cleary says:

    Sorry for the loss of your good friend.  It is always hard to lose someone you love.  My heart goes out to you.

  3. Robin says:

    That’s a nice eulogy. Its hard to lose a friend that is also a partner.

  4. So sorry for your loss, Linda.

  5. So sorry for your loss. Pet couch potato (like the one lying next to me on the sofa as I knit) or working dog, when they cross the Rainbow Bridge they leave a canine-sized sad hole in your heart.

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