Snippet – and what color is lilac, anyway?

“a small piece of information or news, a small part of something”
Snippet – the word of the day and the theme of this post. Because sometimes ….that’s the way it is.

What color is lilac? Well, it’s not the color of my pretty new spiderwort plant (a present from me to me).. more like the color of a Snickers candy bar (another present from me to me. Snickers bars are my one candy craving.)


Since I blogged last, we are deep into spring with summer fast approaching.


I love this rose! A $5 unmarked variety I found in a sale bin years ago.


“Lambing is over” really deserves more than a snippet.  And there will be a post soon introducing the 23 new additions to the Patchwork flock.  Fancy is enjoying the green grass of spring!


And shearing is over! Alicia’s fleece is the first one to hit the wash tub and the carder. One down, 27 fleeces to go.



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