Not Yet…

But soon….


We don’t yet have 2014 lambs to watch grow. But I’m enjoying watching the 2013 lambs become yearlings.


Moose Mtn Reina and Patchwork Madeleine will be exciting additions to our lilac breeding ewes this fall.


Southwind PopSecret (Pip) is maturing well.


Southwind Sweeney is nicknamed Sweetie because she is!


Patchwork Tempo – another great daughter from Melodie will join two sisters in the breeding flock this fall


Patchwork Jazz. I’m still jazzed when I look at her 🙂

Looking back is fun. Looking forward is more fun! Stay tuned for lambing updates as the 2014 crop arrives.

The papas are ready.



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1 Response to Not Yet…

  1. Cary says:

    Oh my goodness, your photos just made my day!!! Awesome!

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