August Goes To Town..

No, we haven’t started our 2014 lambing. And I don’t really have any new news to report. So I’m going back and bringing up some old news from posts I started and never finished.  This episode took place in April of 2013, April 9th to be precise – the day that August went to town.

Blue Ewe Alicia was a polite and considerate mother. Her handsome boy, August, was cleaned and fed when I did my first morning check. Although I still enjoy seeing the miracle of birth, finding cleaned, fed, and bouncy lambs suits me just fine.


I sprayed his navel and left them alone. A few hours later I checked them again. August was sleeping. All looked fine – until he stood up.


These Jacob lambs are so darn tough. Despite the fact that he was bleeding like crazy, he went over and had some breakfast.

I recognized a hernia, but just was not experienced enough to know how much (or what) of his insides were on the outside.  He was quickly wrapped tightly to slow the bleeding and made a trip to town. I guess I didn’t wrap him tightly enough as we both arrived at the vet looking like we’d barely escaped a crazed chain saw wielder.  My vet is great and I was able to stay and assist the surgery.  The surgery went well. The protrusion was the fatty lining of the abdominal wall, not intestines. The biggest concern was actually how well a new born lamb would handle the anesthesia.


I’d say  he handled it pretty well!

This is something that I probably could have just tied off and all would have been well. This was a promising ram lamb and I was a bit out of my comfort zone attempting to deal with something I hadn’t seen before. As it turned out his horns didn’t develop as hoped and his sale price just covered his vet bill.

It was still a good experience. August grew into a healthy robust lamb.  I really learned a lot by being there at the surgery.  I really learned to appreciate Alicia’s strong mothering instinct. She didn’t forget him while he was away for 3 hours and then comatose for another two hours after returning home.

Lambing is full of surprises. Sometimes surprises we aren’t happy to see and sometimes surprises that completely delight us.

Lambing will begin in 2014 sometime around mid March. I’m ready!


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One Response to August Goes To Town..

  1. Robin says:

    I had one that looked like that last year. My vet said to tie it off using something that wouldn’t cut through the umbilical cord. I used bias binding. See, there is a reason to keep stuff around even if you don’t use it for it’s intended purpose anymore.

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