Cold and Rainy Ramblings

It’s cold and rainy. I need to get registration pictures for my three ewe lambs, but it’s cold and rainy.  I had to replace the water tub for the ewes and that was enough extra time outside. I don’t like to be cold and wet (I’m not sure that anyone does!). My camera got no workout today. But it has worked hard in the past. My hard drive is overloaded with photos. I was looking for a specific photo today and thought I’d share a few photos from the past (because it’s cold and rainy and there are no pictures from today)

This handspun handwoven afghan was spun from Chicory Lane fiber for Katrina LeFever. The afghan headed to PA.


And Chicory Lane Chancellor headed to Georgia..

A happy trade.

Unzicker Jedd and Patchwork Belvedere
Who knows what they were discussing. Maybe commenting on the just ended breeding season? Maybe just being teenaged boys?

Our driveway in the fall – before half of it washed away last week!


Dorothy The Cat (and yes, she spells it with capitol letters – she is, after all, a cat) back when she was small enough to fit in a hat. She hardly fits on my lap these days.


My dog, Maggie

Patchwork Dandy as a yearling. Dandy moved from Patchwork to Chicory Lane – and so my rambling post goes full circle.



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Registered Jacob Sheep
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  1. i think ducks are the ones that like the rain , not sure about the cold. lovely pictures.

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