SAFF 2013

Judging by the state of my van, I just got home from SAFF. But it was really almost two weeks ago! Today I am almost finished unloading and cleaning the van. Almost.

We had a great turnout of Jacob breeders at SAFF with breeders from NY, PA, MI, WV, FL, GA, SC, NC. I think I remembered all the states. Our traditional Saturday night get together over dinner was around 30 people.

The show was fun and well attended. We did get serious when it was time to show, but things were abit relaxed on deck.
L-R Joe Bohr, Peg Bostwick, Karen Worley, Lillian Royal, Larkin Royal, Linda Bjarkman, Jenny Bennett, Amanda Spirakis, Ted Spirakis


SAFF 2013 or “Conservation via Transportation”
Once again I was overwhelmed with the generosity and dedication to the breed found within the Jacob Sheep community. When I got my first “Jacob” (so called) it was nearly impossible to find registered Jacobs within 200 miles.  In 1995, Patrice (Danielson) Young purchased 7 ewes from Craft’s in Iowa delivered by Bob Norton on one of his coast to coast delivery trips. My foundation ewe, Craft’s Ruby’s Belle was in that delivery, along with some other great ewes – Craft’s Praline (bred to Puddleduck Sir James), Craft’s Lorilei (bred to Spahr Farm Gallagher), Craft’s Salvia, Craft’s Alice, Craft’s Jana (bred to Hardy Hill Leo), and Craft’s Molly. One delivery and the gene pool in Georgia exploded!

Over the years the Patchwork flock has benefited greatly from the Jacob “railroad”. There is something about someone saying “I’m getting some sheep from a far away state, do you want me to bring you something” that I find hard to resist.

I brought home four new sheep from SAFF..
photo-2 Fine Fettle Lance came home to join the Patchwork rams.
Left to right  – Fine Fettle Lance with Royal Unzicker, me with Hunter’s Glen Rudolph and Ronnie Carnes with Armstrong’s Floyd Anderson.
Lance started his trip south at Fine Fettle Farm in Vermont. He traveled to J&M Farm in Vermont, where he caught a ride to the Garden State Sheep Festival. From there, he traveled to Ivy Brook Meadow in Pennsylvania, where he remained until he traveled to SAFF with Royal. From SAFF, he caught a ride to Tiger, Georgia with Ronnie and Debbie Carnes of The Cove Fields.  Lance is a little too big to fit in my mini van with 3 ewes and my SAFF vendor displays 🙂


Moose Mtn Reina (second from the right – shown by honorary sheep person, Jenny Bennett) traveled from Moose Mtn.Ranch in Colorado to the JSBA AGM in Missouri. From Missouri, she traveled to Michigan with Peg and Joe from Sweetgrass Farm and then to SAFF.

My new Southwind ewes made a direct and speedy trip  from Southwind Farm in New York to SAFF.

Southwind PopSecret. Her secret is her lovely marbled eyes and her delightfully sweet personality.

Southwind Sweeney is loaded with flash!

The willingness of Jacob Sheep breeders to help other breeders arrange transport for sheep, often helping to promote sheep from other breeders over their own sheep, has been a major factor both in preserving lines and in preserving genetic diversity.

Thank you!
and thank you to those that sent me pictures!


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  1. HI , sorry I missed seeing your sheep at SAFF. Maybe I’ll see ya at the Carolina Fiberfest .


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