Stuff Happens

When I first had sheep, I had answers. I could reply to any question put to me with the confidence of knowing that I was right (probably).

Funny how 20 years of raising sheep makes my answers start out more often with “Usually” than “Always”.  It’s what makes it fun. There is so often that one case where the rules don’t work.

Surprises Happen

This guy sure surprised me with what happened with those left horns.


Fused, space, fused again


And this boy shows that the generally held belief that fused four horned sheep have a wide sweep isn’t always true. His laterals are not pulling his tops out – his tops are pulling his laterals back. I really thought about keeping him just to see how the horns would turn out. Thought about it briefly – he left with the rest of the freezer rams.


And sometimes Stuff Happens, Surprises Happen, turns into S@#% Happens –

Did not expect this guy to show up like this from his breeding, but it happens


And sometimes Serendipity Happens. I was watching the left top on this guy and was uncertain how that tip on the left top was going to turn out. ..


Stupendous Happens.


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2 Responses to Stuff Happens

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks for these photos. I like seeing these kind of sheep in other flocks too. That bottom ram is sure nice. I love the markings around his mouth.

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