Blog Fade

My favorite podcast is Chicken Thistle Coopcast.
I only listen to two podcasts, so this isn’t like winning an Oscar, but this is my favorite and well worth listening to. At one time the term “pod fade” was mentioned. It’s when you start out podcasting and slowly fade away.

I’m not blog fading – I’m still here!

It’s a busy time of year, as I get ready for my last year as a vendor at SAFF

Breeding Season begins! Casanova and Abbott went with their ewes on October 1. Lance and Gideon will meet their ewes after SAFF.

I have lots of fibery news to share when I have the time to sit down/stand up and write/take pictures.

Dave built me a blending hackle a few months back. I’m just now learning how much fun it is! I made a blending board last week (very primitive for now. Dave will mount the cloth on a pretty cutting board we picked up last week at Goodwill when he has time). I sold my Macomber CP loom and came home yesterday with an Ashford Country Spinner 2.

And I’ve been playing with my dog, Maggie



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