What’s New..

Or nearly new or old.

What’s old..
it continues to rain on an almost daily basis. One day without rain in over a month. I’m not complaining. Five years of drought here in the southeast gave me an appreciation for mud that I had never expected to acquire. Maybe not quite so MUCH mud. Still better than the dry dusty drought. Susie Sunshine – that’s me. Except without the sunshine.

What’s nearly new..
three weeks ago, Dave and I made a trip to Greg and Cathy Robinson’s Perfect Spot Farm in Forest City, NC. It was a happy/sad trip as we helped with the near dispersal of the Perfect Spot flock. Cathy has been an asset to JSBA and the Jacob Sheep breed for over 15 years as well as a personal friend and my booth partner at SAFF for more than 8 years.  As sad as it was to see the flock heading off to new homes, it was gratifying to see the sheep heading to good breeding homes where the lines will be preserved and appreciated.

A couple followed me home to Patchwork Farm

Perfect Spot Twilight was always a favorite of mine. I love her parents..

Sweetgrass Legend from Sweetgrass Jacobs

Swallow Lane Tara from Swallow Lane Farm
It was a bonus to discover that Twilight has a delightful personality! Such a sweetie!

What’s old and new..


Patchwork Harper moved to Perfect Spot as a lamb in 2011. She returned home last month, where she joins her full sister, Flair, her dam, Melodie, and her baby 1/2 sister, Tempo.

Welcome home, Harper!


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