That was the week that was…

My two favorite baby rams continue to develop well. I continue to bite my nails, shepherd them away from any fences or trees that might damage those promising horns, and threaten to wrap them in bubble wrap in padded stalls.

Patchwork Gideon with his noisy sister, Jazz.


Patchwork Wonder – still a baby at two months.


The week brought some interesting spring visitors..


This submerged “stick” in a puddle on the barn road..
turned out to be a rather aggressive snapping turtle. We have had a LOT of rain.


This visitor was a bit more mellow. I love frogs!


Overall, a pretty good week.

And here’s a word from your sponsor (me)..


For sale – Ashford single drive bulky (jumbo) flyer. This is the complete mother of all assembly, including both maidens. If you have an Ashford wheel, you just change the mother of all, rather than fiddle with changing the maidens. I used this on my Ashford Traditional until I sold the Traddy. I then used it with a motor for bulky yarn and for plying. Comes with five bobbins. $150 $125 plus shipping.


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