What I’ve Been Doing..

Well, obviously not blogging!

I’ve been spinning…
2,000 yards of natural colored Navajo plyed (also known as chain plyed) for a special order.  Nplying consists plying a single by “chaining” it as you ply it. It’s just like a chain stitch in crochet. The advantage is that you can line up the colors anyway you want. This yarn started as single with the colors randomly chosen.


Sweetgrass Gavotte and Patchwork Twinky supplied the range of colors for this yarn. While they look quite different, they have fleeces with similar fleece character that mix well. Gavotte’s deep black and Twinky’s deep gray added a variety of colors. Thanks, girls 🙂

I’ve been watching the grass grow. Flair likes the seed heads

And watching the lambs grow. Badger’s boy, Gideon,  is growing fast!

And working on a new web project.  I’m putting together a Jacob Sheep Classified website. I’ve been designing and maintaining websites for Jacob Sheep breeders for a number of years. I often get inquiries from breeders that just want a place to advertise one or two sheep without the expense of a complete website. During the start up period, I’m offering this service for free – yep, free. There will be a small charge (just like when you place an ad in your local newspaper) in the future. But for now – free.


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2 Responses to What I’ve Been Doing..

  1. erikamay85 says:

    Navajo plying is the best! Its so fun and the wool just seems to fly. I personally find my yarn comes out more even, though i hear some disagree. donnknow. I’m hoping to get on my wheel sometimes and spin enough to have some fun plying….i’d love to see more of your pretty yarn!

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