One more!

One more ewe left to lamb. Twinky thinks she’s pretty special since she got her own blog entry awhile back. So she’s making us wait. Things have been happening while Twinky gets ready for her moment.

Patchwork Fortune gave us the lovely Patchwork Favor, our first lamb sired by Kenleigh’s Casanova on April 3. She has some flash!

Patchwork Badger followed a few days later with twins by Casanova. Badger was so big
I thought she might have triplets. I was happy when she settled on twins on April 6. And especially pleased when one turned out to be a four horned lilac ram. I had hoped that Abbott or Casanova might carry lilac as they each have a parent that does. Finding out that both carry lilac made me giddy and jazzed. Since I could not find any good names based on Badger’s name…

Patchwork Gideon – lilac 4 horned ram


and his 4 horned twin sister, Patchwork Jazz


Jazz’s fleece makes me a little giddy 🙂

Broken O Melodie followed with twin ewes by Unzicker Abbott on April 7

Patchwork Jingle – a light melody.
Patchwork Tempo- 4 horned – and she lives up to her name. She’s got rhythm.

The next day Palmetto Acres Lucinda presented us with a striking blue eyed 4 horned ram by Casanova, Patchwork Beacon. Lucinda followed her usual method of tossing her lambs, which is a story in itself. As usual, all is well although it is rather unsettling to watch.

On April 9, the much anticipated cross of Blue Ewe Alicia and Moose Mtn Hawk arrived. A handsome 4 horned lilac ram. Alicia means noble and his name is August. He will have his own blog post soon. He had a bit of an adventure.

Patchwork Sasha presented a 4 horned Abbott son on 4/11
. diamond2

Sasha means defender and Diamond means bright defender. Or maybe bright fleece

We are at 24 lambs, 12 rams and 12 ewes. Twinky – it’s up to you to break the tie.


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3 Responses to One more!

  1. erikamay85 says:

    Can I come and give them all kisses?? because every lamb needs my kisses.

  2. farmgirlarts says:

    Great post and lovely lambs, Linda!!

  3. Maryellen Cleary says:

    Thanks for sharing. you have some beautiful babies!    Mary Ellen


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