Round 1

Round 1 of lambing is finished. The six ewes bred to departing senior rams have lambed.  It’s interesting (and I have no idea why it would be interesting to anyone but me) that Comet bred his girls one week and Boyd bred his the next.  The first week was all lambs from Comet and this week was all lambs from Boyd.
Peck’s Annie started the second chapter of round 1.


Hard to believe this tiny baby is now a mother.
She was a bottle baby, rejected by her dam. Her dam is a ewe I sold and is from a very good line of mothers. Vivianne raised her first lamb fine, but didn’t do so well with twins the next year. Due to the work schedule of her breeder, Not Really An Orphan Annie came to live at Patchwork. Because I wanted her to be around sheep, but didn’t want her to be injured by ewes that might not like her anymore than her mother did, Annie spent her early days in the sheep carrier. She looked so small! She was with sheep, but couldn’t be hurt. During the first few weeks, she spent the nights in the house in a crate. I think bottle babies do best with small frequent feeding for the first few weeks and I am way too lazy to suit up and walk to the barn every two hours during the night!

Two years later (2/21), in the same spot, it was time to see what Annie could do.



I think she likes him! Hello Sundance! Four horned blue eyed ram.

Patchwork Bling followed soon after, lambing just before midnight on 2/22. She’s quite fond of her four horned son, Glamor.


Hillside Holly is an old hat at this lambing thing now. Saturday, with no fuss, she did her part to balance out our ram/ewe ratio by presenting twin ewes.


Tupelo (standing) and Poplar. One of these ewes will stay at Patchwork to bring Boyd’s lines into our lilacs.

Lambing round 1 is over until the end of March, when 12 more ewes will be lambing.



The lovely Loretta may yet surprise us.


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  1. Great story! Nice to catch up with you and see all your cute babies :-).

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