Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy,

 and Oh Boy.Lambing has begun. And it’s boy, boy, boy, and boy for the first day of lambing.

These first boys are sired by Canoe Lake Comet.

Sweetgrass Gavotte, polite enough to lamb according to my lambing calendar, produced two handsome four horned ram lambs yesterday morning. I checked sheep at 6:30. It was obvious that Gavotte was going to lamb that day, but she had not passed the cervical plug nor started any “I’m going to lamb RIGHT NOW” signs. What a treat to check in an hour and 1/2, after  coffee, to find two already cleaned pretty lambs just getting to their feet ready for breakfast.

Gavotte is a wonderful first time mother who can certainly count to two (and put a fleece on her lambs!!!)
Welcome to ..
Patchwork Charleston – four horned black/white ram


Patchwork Calypso – four horned black/white ram


Gavotte, Charleston and Calypso.  There is a connection here 🙂

I had no idea when Vesta was bred, but it was obvious  yesterday morning that she was close. By last evening, it was even more obvious. She took abit more time and made abit more fuss than Gavotte. She managed to come in before midnight with two more pretty four horned black/white rams.
Hello to Patchwork Orion


And twin brother, Patchwork Altair


Vesta,  Comet, Altair, Orion … another theme.

We have four more ewes to lamb from the first breedings to Boyd and Comet. I think we’ll be finished by the end of next week with Holly coming in at the end (but these girls love to make me look silly, so someone might hang on a few days just for that)

After that a break until the end of March for the Hawk, Casanova, and Abbott lambs. Unless Loretta decides differently.

I love lambing!


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4 Responses to Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy,

  1. Maryellen Cleary says:

    Such beautiful babies! I wish I could be there! Good luck and enjoy your new additions! MaryEllen


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