Well, not this year’s lambs. They are still in the incubating stage..


But it won’t be long now. Our first breeding group of six ewes (bred to two rams) is due in February. The next group of 12 ewes will lamb in late March. Lambing could start anytime. I don’t expect lambs until around the 11th unless Vesta comes in a little earlier (and she might).

Thinking about lambs and about our “lambs” having their own lambs makes me feel old and young at the same time.


Patchwork Quinn (right) with her dam, Sweetgrass Heather and twin, Patchwork Brielle, is getting ready for her second lambing season.  Bred to Canoe Lake Comet again.


Patchwork Marabelle lambed as yearling – third season for her. Bred to Kenleigh’s Casanova. First season for Casanova. He left some bred ewes on his way from Oregon to Georgia.


Patchwork Lacey – third season for her.  First season for Unzicker Abbott.


Patchwork Nicollette – fourth lambing season for her. She’s done well! Bred to Moose Mtn Hawk for his first season.


Patchwork Sasha – fourth season for her. This ewe just doesn’t have bad lambs! Bred to Unzicker Abbott.


Patchwork Badger – sixth year lambing for her.  A consistent producer of quality lambs and my buddy.  Bred to Kenleigh’s Casanova


Patchwork Elsa- recently returned home to Patchwork after not being bred for a few years.  Will be her second lambing. Bred to Moose Mtn. Hawk.


1/2 sister to Elsa and Badger, Macaroon moved north last fall. I couldn’t resist adding her picture. She was full of spunk!

So now we wait. It’s always so exciting to see the new lambs. My first wish is that they be healthy. I like to let them just be cute for awhile before I start evaluating them.  But I admit to get excited to see what the new parents will produce – rams and ewes.


Three of the six ewes due in February are first time mothers.
Peck’s Annie, Patchwork Bling, and Sweetgrass Gavotte
Not long now.

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  1. No no no — well at first I thought you had lambs already. No Fair. No lambing until we’ve lunched/visited. I’ve been quiet because I’ve been sick sick sick. Terrible bronchial throat thing. Starting to feel a bit better…. How are your Thursdays? 🙂

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