Day Four

Day four of non stop rain.  We no longer bother to dump the rain gauge. Or even try to keep up with the mud. The creek behind the house is overflowing.

Dorothy The Cat hates the rain. She screams at the door, I open it, she sees the rain, slaps my ankle, and struts away. She spends a rainy day following me around and slapping me on the ankle. I don’t know if I should be mad at her or flattered that she thinks I can control the rain. That’s what she does on day one. By day four, she has taken to sitting on top of the refrigerator (maybe I should get worried about just how much more rain we are going to get?) giving me evil look and screaming at me.

Dobie The Dopie Dog had nasty dental surgery on Tuesday (day two). He also hates the rain in addition to not feeling very well. He has finally mastered the trick of peeing off the porch. It’s a boy thing.

Nice day for a nap…



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1 Response to Day Four

  1. My kitties go to the back door – and when I open it they see the deluge and run to the front door (it might not be raining there, hey) and then they get into spats because they are crabby shut-ins. Only Elvis dares to blame me for the rain, but when he smacks, there is usually blood involved.

    I had to get up on a ladder yesterday morning and clean a clog out of the gutter… Needless to say, I was drenched to the skin, water running up my sleeves, blowing rain making my glasses useless and down my pants into my now useless boots. There was no staying dry! At least at that time of day it wasn’t yet very cold. We are both lucky to live on sloping land – at least the flood waters keep moving…

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