Because it’s not raining

and because I haven’t wandered around taking pictures just for fun in awhile.
It wasn’t exactly a bright and sunny day, but it wasn’t raining.

As usual, my favorites subjects are the animals that share our lives

Maggie forgot to bring her ball this evening when we we went to feed. She found a stick to play with.



I keep waiting for the log to come crashing down on her head, but she always catches it. She’s very athletic and she has a very big mouth.


Charles prefers to pose. He gets such a fluffy cape in the winter..


Ivy !Never! wants to look into the camera. Caught her today – barely – and she does not look happy about it.


Bella runs when ever she she hears the camera focusing. I thought I might catch her if I was very quiet and shot without flash.  At close to a one second shutter speed she had time to run away, but not before she left a little bit of her image behind.


Tomorrow’s photo assignment – get registration pictures for the rest of the lambs.


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3 Responses to Because it’s not raining

  1. Sherry Nichols says:

    OH MY GOSH ! That is too funny the dog tote-ing the log…. I think you should go global with those pics !

  2. Oh dear… there is a Lego ad on your blog?

    I cannot believe Maggie and that “stick”. Cwazy. Love the ghostly kitty. I’ve a couple like that.

    I am off on Wed, Thurs and Fri this coming week. Almost like a vacation. Free for a luncheon?

  3. I need Maggie’s help with bringing firewood in 🙂 I always enjoy seeing pictures of your critters, even in ghost form!

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