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Hi! Remember me? It’s been so long since I blogged that you might not 🙂

My three young boys were quite content to spend time together before breeding season – best buddies! Rams have short memories (or perhaps limited focus – and hanging out with pals is not their focus during breeding season). In my management practices the rams eventually have to be reintroduced after breeding season. One ram per group of ewes for a limited time in the fall works best for me. It’s not the only method. Some breeders run one ram with a group of ewes all year round.  Some breeders put one ram with one group of ewes during breeding season and then put everyone (rams and ewes) together afterwards. One old time breeder used to put all his rams with all his ewes during breeding season. And some just run everyone together all year. The most common practice is to put one ram with a selected group of ewes for a specific period of time.  Which means that every year a group of horny (okay, I couldn’t resist – I do raise Jacob Sheep) testosterone laden boys  are taken from their harems where they ruled supreme and told to play nice together.


They spend a couple of days in a small area before being moved to the ram paddock. These young ram lambs weren’t too pushy, so this space worked fine for them. Sometimes a much smaller space is required. Be prepared to adjust plans as needed (which is a pretty good rule for all livestock endeavors)


Sometimes they still have to work out the hierarchy once they are turned out.


Sometimes they just decide to get along. 



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