New Sheep – part 2

Maybe not such a new sheep, as she’s 7 years old. And maybe not a new sheep because she began her life here in 2005.  A returning sheep that we are pleased to welcome home.

Patchwork Elsa (far left) was born in March of 2005. A lilac triplet daughter of 10 year old Craft’s Ruby’s Belle and sired by Jacquee’s Junco.  Her sibling brothers were Leo and Olsen. There is a naming theme there. It’s rather convoluted. Can you see it?

RubyBelle and Elsa

Elsa moved to Showphar Farm in Tennessee as a lamb – fall 2005…

I didn’t dock tails that year. I like natural tails, but most buyers prefer them docked. Elsa’s natural tail is just slightly above hock height – just right!  Another interesting trait that Elsa exhibits is the primitive trait of shedding her belly wool.

A big thank you to Showphar for allowing us to bring Baby Elsa back to Patchwork! She is bred to another new addition, Moose Mtn Hawk for late March/early April lambs.


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