The Princess and the P

P – yrenees, that is.

Springrock Stacia is a princess, or so she thinks.

She joined us from Springrock Farm in 2010 and immediately took over.  I honestly can’t say that she is a friendly ewe. She doesn’t care for scratches, but she is definitely an “in your face sort of gal.”  “Bold” best describes her demeanor. “Entitled” best describes her self image.

She has no qualms about invading Sam’s space. The world belongs to Stacia.

As befits Sam’s place as our Livestock Guardian Dog, he comes to the gate when anyone drives up. As befits her place as our Princess and Boss of Everything, Stacia always accompanies Sam. I love the quirky personalities of our Jacob Sheep!

On the home front, Dorothy the Cat reigns as Boss of Everything.

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2 Responses to The Princess and the P

  1. Candy says:

    Laughing! We have an Alpaca that rules and one that is the official greeter with ‘paca kisses.
    They all keep us entertained.

  2. Sherry Nichols says:

    How funny ! Love it ! Thanks for the blog and lovely pics !!

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